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Fleet Management

Owning a fleet of any size in today's climate of escalating fuel and operation costs means business owners have to make the right decisions to remain competitive and in business.  VEHTEC specialises in the management of heavy vehicles, plant and earthmoving equipment and have more than 10 years experience in helping businesses perform as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our fleet services include:

Compliance Auditing

Sadly in today's world of Government Legislation it seems the days of getting behind the wheel and driving are long gone.  As a fleet owner and operator you need to be fully conversant with all the recent legislative "developments" including, Heavy Vehicle Speeding Legislation, Driver Fatigue Management, VSB6 & the RTA,  and the Safe Load Restraint Guide.

As such VEHTEC provides a range of services to assist you to meet your legislative requirements including

GPS Onboard Vehicle Tracking System

Do you know where your fleet is know?  Onboard GPS tracking system provides peace of mind for fleet owners offering a Web Based Fleet Visibility and Recording tool.  The unit will provide evidence of excessive speeding, harsh braking, temperature modules and a wide range of customisable features.

Transport Engineering

As mechanical engineering consultants with over 10 years experience designing truck bodies, trailers, specialist vehicles ,chassis and wheelbase modifications we are able to help out to turn your idea into reality.  VEHTEC has engineers qualified to signoff vehicle mods, prepare CAD drawings and project manage the manufacturing process.  More>>

Sustainable Transport Solutions

The Age of Peak Oil is Over and although we feel privileged to have lived in this period we recognise we cannot continue to consume fuel at the same rate we are currently.  At VEHTEC our aim is to help the transport industry to move to a more sustainable position.

Recent reports by RAA indicate that Eco Driving of light fleet can reduce carbon emissions by 6.5% whereas in the heavy fleet industry it is reportedly in the order of 15%.   We recognise the need to improve for our measurement and verification tools to demonstrate to our clients the actual savings they are achieving and can demonstrate how the GPS tracking system in used in this manner.

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