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Business Management Services

With over ten years experience in the fleet management industry VEHTEC have amassed vast amounts of experience in the management and operation of vehicle fleets.

We understand that it is often difficult to make assess an opportunity and make appropriate strategic decisions when you are working long and hard in your business. VEHTEC can provide a range of complimentary services to assist Small to Medium businesses who would rather concentrate on their core business.

VEHTEC offer an array of Business Management Services that can make your life easier, and allow you plan and move forward with your business after an independent evaluation and assessment of your current and future requirements;
  • An optimal life assessment of your current plant - Using several factors, including cost of asset and total life costs, VEHTEC will provide an accurate useful life analysis of your asset. This allows you to create and implement an accurate asset replacement plan before its too late.
  • An Optimal Life assessment of a proposed purchase can indicate the best make/model to purchase based on a total cost of ownership over the optimal life of the proposed purchase; 
  • An assessment of capital purchase of new plant against lease financing. Using a complex matrix, VEHTEC can provide a Net Present Value calculation that will determine whether it is best to lease or capital purchase your next heavy vehicle or plant purchase; 
  • Independent purchasing of your heavy fleet and plant using our proven procurement process, whereby we can recommend the best asset or combination to suit your requirements and needs. Each purchase is assessed based on a total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle or plant. VEHTEC's comprehensive experience in fleet purchasing has resulted in valuable savings for our clients on their purchases. Call now, or email us to discuss your purchase requirements;
  • Fuel card management. Let VEHTEC monitor and manage your fleets fuel card use.
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