GPS On board Vehicle Tracking Systems

Helping to deliver substantial savings across your fleet.

On board GPS tracking system provides a cost effective peace of mind for fleet owners offering a Web based fleet visibility and recording tool.  Vehicle tracking provides business owners with a simple to use real time view of their fleet and a series of reports containing evidence of driver behaviour, excessive speeding, harsh braking, temperature monitoring, proof of delivery and a wide range of customisable features.

The use of a GPS Tracking system is used to monitor


Driver and vehicle behaviour


Proof of Service


Route management


Employee Safety

VEHTEC Transport Engineering Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking

Fuel and Green House Gas Reductions

There are two basic steps to reducing fuel consumption and your Carbon Footprint.  Monitoring your performance, and then analysing where savings can be made. 

Our comprehensive approach encompasses, Fleet Management, Route Optimisation and Fleet Tracking. 

As professional fleet managers we use fuel data collected through commercial fuel card systems, odometer data collected via our GPS system and electronically import the data into our Fleet Management Software.  We use the software to determine actual fuel usage per kilometre and benchmark the results for similar categories of fleet units to other similar fleets.

We also recommend the unit within the truck, connected to the Truck Engine Management System to add transparency on how your drivers operate your trucks.  You have access to all the standard functionality that comes with a competent GPS Fleet Management solution, as well as the potential to save you $000’s due to driver behavioural improvements.  As an example, the unit will give you a REAL TIME alert should the driver exceed a pre-determined RPM limit. The same for any instances of harsh or sudden braking and acceleration.  Any instances of these events occurring is recorded, and the user and any action noted against the alert is recorded. All this data is received and notified to the user(s).

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